Development Center For Exceptional Children

   About Us

Akanksha - a charitable trust, was formed in 1988 by the professional of different fields with the objectives to serve mentally and physically challenged persons of the society. BHEL, Haridwar allotted the building in the campus. Over the years the children have grown and it was felt that they should be trained in suitable vocations, so as to enable them to become productive members of the society. Akanksha expanded its activities in the area of vocational training and started Sheltered Work Shop.

Early Intervention and Stimulation of Children With Special Needs like:

Autism ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) Down Syndrome Cerebral Palsy Learning Disability GDD (Goble Developmental Delay) Mental Retardation Etc.
  • Education
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy - Courtesy Metro Hospital, SIDCUL
  • Therapy
  • Dance and Music Therapy

Vocational Training Centre with Sheltered Work Shop

  • Art and craft
  • Bags Making
  • Candle Making
  • Cards
  • Dhoop & Agar Battis
  • Envelope & Book Binding
  • File Cover
  • Gardening
  • Knitting (Chairs)
  • Weaving (Carpet Door mate etc�)

We have been successful in training handicapped persons in manufacturing "Office File Covers" at the Vocational Training Center of Akanksha who have supplied approximately 7.5 Lacs File Covers to BHEL, Haridwar. Similarly, Candles, Dhoop and Aggarbatti are being manufactured regularly at the Centre. We propose to start manufacturing paper bags as an initiative for eco-sensitive drive.

1 Academic Problems (Academic underachievement) IQ Assessment (6 TO 16 years old children)
2 Adjustment in social and personal Lack Of Confidence
3 Autism Down Syndrome Learning Problem
4 Behavioral Modification Mood Swings
5 Concentration Special education
6 Developmental Problems Anger Management
7 Early intervention Body Image
8 Hyperactive Educational test
9 Self Esteem
10 Stress, Depression and Anxiety
11 Parenting Guidance And Counselling

1 Balance Loosing mobility
2 Coordination Mobility Training
3 Diet/ health Instruction Motor Learning
4 Disability MR Children
5 Ergonomics Tutorial Neurological condition ( paralysis, weakness, pain etc.)
6 Functional Training Posture problem
7 Gait Sports injuries
8 Handicapped Strengthening Excise
9 Headaches/ sinus pain Yoga Instructions
10 Joint or Muscle pain